Chinese Tea Art ECA

School News June 10, 2021
Chinese Tea Art ECA

This year, WASCZ primary opened a new extracurricular activity class —— Children's Tea Art!

Many people think that tea art is just about learning to make tea, but it's not true. The connotations of the tea art course are extremely rich. Our children's tea art course combines the physical and mental development characteristics of 7-12 year old children. It is a comprehensive practice course with tea as the medium.

It is a biology lesson; children learn the pattern and growth process of tea trees and understand how to distinguish whether a tree is a tea tree. It is a history lesson; from Shen Nong to modern times, children review the long history of China with the changes of Chinese tea drinking methods. It is a geography lesson; children learn that different teas come from different regions and, follow the map to retrace the Tea Horse Road. It is a Chinese traditional culture lesson; like people in old times, children use writing brushes to write tea poems, and enjoy famous paintings related to tea as well. It is also a world culture lesson; children learn the different tea-drinking habits of several major tea-drinking countries, such as UK and Japan. Of course, it must also be a lesson of etiquette; what children learn from making and tasting tea is not only the steps of making tea and methods of tasting tea, but also the sense behind them which is to respect and treat others fairly.

Through learning tea art, children can, not only increase their knowledge and insight, but also improve their aesthetics, concentration, observation, and logical thought in practice.

So far, five classes have taken part this special course of the oriental magic leaves. After the tea art lessons, children extended what they have learned in the classroom to their families and even nature. Some children asked their parents to take them to climb a tea mountain, pick new tea tree leaves, make tea leaves for drinking, and then came back to school to share with their teachers and classmates. More children went home and made a cup of tea for their dads and mums. I am sure this cup of tea is sweeter than honey for their parents!