Yoga in KG

School News June 11, 2021
Yoga in KG

The children in kindergarten have participated in our Yoga ECA, delivered by the means of stories which captivate the children’s attention and their imagination.

This ECA has been delivered in different stages to allow children from all different KG groups to participate and immerse themselves fully in this activity. It has also been interlinked with the class topics, to enable the children to make connections between what they have learnt and the new combinations of movement and gesture.

Children can also learn to express and respond to feelings, ideas and experiences whilst participating in this ECA.

Yoga for children has many benefits such as the development of their core strength, gross and fine motor coordination, improves their flexibility and balance, as well as awareness of their own body. In addition, it can also improve their concentration and promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Another of the many benefits of using yoga stories surrounds the development of the children’s communication and language abilities, as it allows the children to learn new vocabulary linked to their topic, increase their attention and their ability to follow instructions.

The children’s feedback of participating in this ECA was:

“It was fun!”

“I like Yoga because it is always so fun.”

“Yoga is fun, and your body gets more flexible.”