Into the World of Electricity

School News June 15, 2021
Into the World of Electricity

You must have heard of Franklin, who caused the "fire of God", and Volta, who invented the electric light by "frog leg twitching". Recently, the Orca class have also entered the world of electricity through their own practice.

First we studied circuits and the different symbols that express circuit components. For example: current, positive and negative poles, buzzer, switch. The key terms and definitions were important for the children so that they did not have a misunderstanding on the abstract meaning of electricity at the end of the course. The students learned at a circuit was made up of a series of different conductors, and even lemons could conduct electricity!

Later, through our own experiments, we predicted what would happen when the circuit was adjusted to include more batteries, light bulbs, buzzers, and motors. At the same time, we tested our theory with an ICT program that simulates the circuit and recorded different results.

Finally, they constructed their very own games with buzzers. Using their knowledge of closed circuits, cells, batteries and other components, they set about bending copper wire and finding ways to connect wires together that could allow for an electric current to pass through. The classroom echoed with the cheerful laughter of the children, because the buzzer was buzzing, and they succeeded!

"The more you know, the more you do it; the more you do it, the more you know." Through experimentation again and again, the Orca class realized the basic principles of the circuit and felt the charm of science.