Primary Sports + Music BBQ 2021

School News June 17, 2021
Primary Sports + Music BBQ 2021

Wednesday 16th June saw the hosting of the annual Sports and Music Awards in Primary for the academic year 2020-21.

Over 130 pupils were in attendance, along with over 20 staff who had been working hard together in the theatre, on the stage, on the courts and on the field to improve their hand-eye co-ordination, teamwork, communication, fitness and powers of perseverance and instrumental skills through hours of hard work through the course of the year.

Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Garfitt welcomed the pupils to the awards and BBQ, thanking all the pupils for all of their hard work this year, and then through the course of the presentation, Mrs. Wood (Netball), Mr. Javier and Mr. Hamilton (Under 9 Football), Mr. Philpott (Under 10 Football), Mr. P. Gray and Mr. Lu (Under 11 Football), Mr. E. Gray (Under 11 Rugby), and Mr. Wood (Athletics) gave out a variety of sports awards. These awards were in recognition of pupils’ ability to work as part of a team, always staying positive, showing great sportsmanship whilst playing sport, and for always performing at their best.

After the conclusion of the awards ceremony, everyone tucked into delicious BBQ before enjoying a huge game of “Pupils vs Teachers” football. For the first time in three years, the pupils overcame the teachers 2-0!

On what has been a challenging year for taking part in sports fixtures this year due to COVID-19, we look forward to even more competitive sporting action from September.

Congratulations to the winners of this years awards:


Under 9s

Player of the Year – Joaquin Quintuna (Swordfish)

Sportsmanship Award – Mario Shen (Dolphin)

Golden Gloves – Wyatt Stevens-Barry (Dolphin)

Mr. Positive – Dennis Zhu (Swordfish)

Mr. Versatile – Eric Ai (Beluga)

Team Player – Joan Quintuna (Dolphin)

Super Striker – Dennis Zhu (Swordfish)

Breakthrough Player (Grade 3) – Tiger Zhang (Lobster)

Under 10s

Player of the Year – Andy Yang (Seal)

Sportsmanship – Raiyyan Shaikh (Shark)

Golden Gloves – Andy Chen (Seal)

Mr. Positive – Ian Fu (Seal)

Mr. Versatile – Wind Yu (Seal)

Breakthrough Player (Grade 4) – Arvin Hou (Barracuda)

Team Player – Felix Figura (Shark)

Super Striker – Lukas Egervari (Shark)

Under 11s

Player of the Year – Ryan Huang (Dragonfish)

Sportsmanship – Tiger Shi (Dragonfish)

Golden Gloves – Mark Shao (Dragonfish)

Mr. Positive – Louis Gao (Tunafish)

Mr. Versatile – Wind Yu (Seal)

Team Player – Simon Kim (Dragonfish)

Super Striker – Ryan Huang (Dragonfish)

Most Creative – Hank Liao (Dragonfish)


Under 11s

Shooter of the Year – Madelyn Feng (Orca)

Mover of the Year – Christina Oh (Dragonfish)

Defender of the Year – Daisy Ye (Dragonfish)

Sportsmanship – Eva Zhang (Narwhal)

Miss Positive – Aurora Xin (Barracuda)

Speed Demon – Eva Yang (Seal)

Most Improved – Venus Tsang (Orca)


Under 11s

Tackler of the Year – Andy Chen (Seal)

Sportsmanship – Wind Yu (Seal)

Player of the Year – Ryan Huang (Dragonfish)

Mr. Positive – Peter Zhu (Tunafish)

Speed Demon – Louis Gao (Tunafish)

Most Improved – Jack Huang (Orca)


Sprinters of the Year – Ryan Huang (Dragonfish) + Nancy Xu (Narwhal)

Thrower of the Year – Simon Kim (Dragonfish)

Jumper of the Year – Jack Hu (Tunafish)

Distance Runner of the Year – Nancy Xu (Narwhal)