Harmony Family Park

School News June 22, 2021
Harmony Family Park

For our annual Kindergarten trip, the whole of kindergarten went to Harmony Family Park.

Both staff and children were very excited, we set off from school on the yellow school buses and arrived 10 minutes later at the adventure park.  The children had a fun pack day full of activities.

The children enjoyed a train ride around the park where they went through the park area and saw some animals.

We were able to feed the animals some freshly prepared carrots and the children and learnt a lot abut the different types of animals.  One class even saw a peacock with its features showing.

Every child decorated a piece of art which they were all able to take home and share with their family members.

Throughout the days and between the different activities, the children enjoyed the soft play equipment, where they were climbing, coming down slides, using the giant Duplo to build houses and much more.

Upstairs some of the children were racing to see who the fastest runner was and who could walk the slowest!!  The children loved the zip wire!

Throughout the day we had many stops for water and the children all enjoyed a freshly prepared picnic lunch from school.

Even on our short journey back to school many children fell asleep. 

The children and staff all had a fabulous day, and we look forward to visiting again soon.