Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

School News June 25, 2021
Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

On Friday 18th June, our four KG3 classes took part in a special graduation ceremony. 

Each class performed a song that they had learnt from their Glee Club sessions lead by Ms. Carter and Mr. Marland.  All four classes learnt some actions to accompany their songs.

Octopus class sang “I’d Like Teach the World to Sing” by the band “The New Seekers”.

The children in Octopus class have worked incredibly hard this year.  Octopus children have really enjoyed their swimming and PE lessons. They have gained a foundation in all the curriculum areas and especially in reading, writing and maths.  This will help them to improve their skills as they enter and progress through their primary education.  Octopus children are ready for the challenges of the future.   – Ms. Alison and Ms. Zhou

Octopus class teachers praised their class for all their hard work and the commitment to their learning throughout the year.  Their teachers are so proud of them and the progress they have made.  Their teachers wished them well for the future.’

Starfish class sang “Count on Me”, sang by Bruno Mars.

During this academic year, Starfish class has worked incredibly hard, putting a lot of effort into their learning, and made great progress in each area of the curriculum. Whilst their favourite topic was ‘Superheroes’, the bond they developed with each other through each term is invaluable. Upon receiving their certificates, they were congratulated by their class teachers with regards to all their achievements, friendship, and willingness to learn more each day.  – Ms. Raquel and Ms. Chen

Starfish class teachers shared their thoughts about the class by saying ‘The children in Starfish Class have worked incredibly hard this year. We are very proud of what they have achieved, and the children should be really proud of themselves. Well done Starfish Class.’

Clownfish class sang, “Here Comes the Sun”, originally sang by the Beatles.

Throughout the year the Clownfish class have overcome many obstacles and challenges they have faced. Each member of the class has improved in every area of the EYFS curriculum and shown themselves to be very confident. This year the Clownfish have performed dances, songs, and their very own unique superhero stories. Due to their hard work and dedication this year, the Clownfish are ready to go to Primary school after another fantastic performance during their graduation ceremony. – Ms. Matt and Ms. Sangel

“Thank you for all of your support this year. The children have been fantastic all year and have made my job much easier than it could have been. Whenever we have had something different to do, such as go for the school trip, have sports day, take photographs or today at the graduation, the children have listened well and acted upon everything asked of them, they’ve been brilliant and will be great in whichever primary school they go to” – Clownfish class teacher.

Seahorse class sang, “You’re my Number One”, by S Club Seven.

Seahorse Class has had a very successful year in KG3. The children really enjoy singing and dancing classes and they have put a lot of effort into their performance. They told their teachers they felt very proud performing in front of their parents. Miss Carter and Miss Chen congratulated them for all their hard work in all areas of the curriculum this year and then awarded them their special graduation certificates. Seahorse Class have set themselves a goal of something they want to achieve next year in Grade 1. We will miss them, and we wish them all the best as they begin their journey into Primary. – Ms. Carter and Ms. Chen

The children worked extremely hard to learn the songs and dances and performed it with confidence.  We are all very proud of them!

In readiness for the ceremony, the children enjoyed creating invitations for their families by writing all the relevant details surrounding the event. Once these were delivered, each family received their tickets which enabled them entrance into the KG Theatre. The children and parents were delighted to see and share

 happy memories of their time throughout the year, displayed around the KG Theatre and on the individual class PowerPoints.

The children were happy to welcome their families when getting ready to perform and they felt proud of themselves when singing. The parents were excited to be able to share this experience with their children and recorded key moments of their child singing, as well as receiving their certificate, with immense happiness and pride.

We hope the children will hear these Glee Club songs in the future and it will bring back happy memories of their special day.

We wish all the children in kindergarten a smooth transition into their Primary schools. Wishing them luck and success as they embark on the steps in their educational journey.