Learning about different cultures in Grade 5

School News June 28, 2021
Learning about different cultures in Grade 5

This week in English lessons the Tuna Fish class have continued to study the Everybody Up 6 textbook where the content has been about the different artistic achievements of various cultural figures and the music/art/literature they have produced and where these can be experienced.

We have listened to some of Verdi’s operas and Beethoven’s symphonies, looked at some of Picasso’s paintings and Michelangelo’s sculptures, and watched some of Balanchine’s ballet.

We have thought about the notions of different cultural outputs being “performed” versus being “displayed” and what the difference is between these two. Thinking in terms of grammar constructs, we have then used the present simple passive forms of a range of verbs and applied them to simple sentence-writing about the world around us, for example, Flowers are grown in the garden.

In the post-pandemic world, I hope all our pupils one day have the opportunity to visit the famous opera houses and art galleries of France and Italy and experience the different kinds of art forms we have learned about this week.

-Verdi’s operas

-Picasso’s paintings

-Shakespeare’s plays

-Beethoven’s symphonies

-Michelangelo’s sculptures

-Balanchine’s ballets

“Verdi’s operas are  

performed here.”

“Picasso’s paintings are

displayed here.”