Wycombe Abbey Primary Choral Music Program

School News June 28, 2021
Wycombe Abbey Primary Choral Music Program

The WASCZ Primary- Senior Choir program provides a vibrant experience for over 30 pupils. Our Primary Senior Choir is composed of Multi - talented pupils from Grade 3 to Grade 5, who are capable of doing three important acts in Music performance; singing, dancing and acting.

The main purpose of this program is to cultivate further each of the pupils’ talent in Music, wherein they will be given some exposures and chances to showcase their talent in singing, dancing and acting, in order for them to develop their self-confidence in performance in front of an audience.

In addition to this, Primary- Senior choir is deeply involved in some of the school’s important activities and celebrations, wherein they have participated and showcased their talents impressively in front of a huge amount of pupils, teachers and parent who have watched the choir performance through live stream.