Learning about the Dragon Boat Festival in Mandarin for Westerners Class

School News June 28, 2021
Learning about the Dragon Boat Festival in Mandarin for Westerners Class

Recently, Mandarin pupils had a lively and interesting Dragon Boat Festival holiday. After learning the topic of food in the textbook and knowing the healthy and unhealthy food. Our children continued to expand the topic of learning Chinese food from traditional Chinese festivals.

Preliminary understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival

As pupils know the Spring Festival and Qingming Festival, children know and understand the Dragon Boat Festival: the date of Dragon Boat Festival, the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival and main activities of Dragon Boat Festival.

Enter the words and enjoy the beauty of Dragon Boat festival

Children learned the extended text "Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi" and then understood shapes of Zongzi, kinds of Zongzi, and purpose of making Zongzi is to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Furthermore, children listened to the story of Qu Yuan's jumping into the river and discussed about Qu Yuan's death.

Practice and Experience Dragon Boat Festival culture

Pupils explored and weaved colorful ropes with good luck carefully.

According to the text, Mandarin pupils have known reed leaves, glutinous rice and adzuki beans. Then they watched the production video and encouraged to try to make zongzi with teacher and classmates’ help. Thin, narrow, and long reed leaves, always do not be followed the instructions of pupils’ fingers, having their own ideas, up and down. But mandarin pupils did not give up, trying and trying again! Finally, reed leaves rolled into shape. One hand fixed the shape of Zongzi, the other hand spoon rice. Children were not discouraged, reobserved the teacher's steps carefully, picked up new reed leaves, fixed the leak of Zongzi and then packed, wrapped and knot. Finished! One Zongzi is finished!

The children put their Zongzi into the boiling water, waiting for the ready of Zongzis. During they waited, the children who has sensitive smell sense sniffed an odor coming up to them from the pot. Teachers told them that this is the fragrance of Zongzi described in "Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi". The children immediately understood the meaning of the word.

Although it is simple rice Zongzi, children said it is much better than other Zongzi they had eaten before! Each unique Zongzi contains Children’s attempts and the result of children cooperation to overcome difficulties. Mandarin children not only understood knowledge and tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival, but also enhanced their fine motor skill, concentration, and creation in the activities. Moreover, it is the best proof that Mandarin children experienced and learned traditional culture!

Learning during teaching, teaching during learning, teaching while learning, teaching while learning.