End of Term Class Trips in Grades 1-3

School News July 08, 2021
End of Term Class Trips in Grades 1-3

After the Grades 4 and 5 residential trips earlier in June, it was the Grades 1-3 class’ turn for their end of term trips. Pupils went to a variety of locations throughout Changzhou.

Grade 1 Trip to Harmony Park

On the last Monday of term, Grade 1 took a trip to Harmony Park in Wujin. At the park we first took a train to the animal pens. There we saw some llamas, deer, and ponies. The children enjoyed riding the train and feeding the animals carrots.

Then we went to the funfair section of the park. There we rode several rides like the car roller coaster. The spinning planes and the spinning boats where we were able to splash each other with water.

Then we went to the handcraft section and the park’s teachers helped us to paint a dinosaur.

After that we went to the massive play area where we could play in the ball pit and trampolines, slides, zipline, giant piano and even a movie theatre. All in all it was a successful day and a great way to end Grade 1!

Turtle and Crab Class Trip (Grade 2)

On Monday, the Turtle and Crab class rallied together to take over X-Park. The classes arrived as school feeling excited for the day ahead and after some energy fueling snack they were on their way. They were patient and polite as they lined up for their socks and wristbands and listened carefully to their talk on safety before being released! They raced off in different directions each choosing an array of different activities. The trampolines first proved very popular and the classes were excitable but conscious of safety and it was lovely to see how kind they were to children not from WASCZ as they all bounced around happily together. Mrs Wood got involved with the bouncing and they enjoyed a game where bounces could be stolen from each other. If you caught someone’s bounce you would either fall down or enjoy an extra bounce boost! Miss Cao and Miss Xia ventured to the Virtual Reality games with a group of children and had a great time shooting at monsters and driving cars. The staff were quickly reminded not to get in a car with any of the children, they were terrible drivers! They had so much fun crashing into one another! Miss Ji and Miss Qi were found on the assault course using the zip wire and Miss M got stuck in the carousel as the children spun her around! After this, the rest of the assault courses were well used and all of the children had so much fun balancing, bouncing, sliding and falling into ball pits as did the teachers! After two hours, everyone was hungry and thirsty so we went downstairs for a delicious meal at Mr Pizza. The children ate and sat well, they were polite to staff and each other and had a great time. Finally, it was time to go back to school for a film, rest and extra snack. There were a few sleepy children on the bus ride back!

It was a great day and we were all so proud of the children for making the whole experience so enjoyable, they behaved brilliantly. Well done to the Turtles and Crabs, a great end to the year.

Stingray and Piranha Trip (Grade 2)

As we approached the end of the school year the primary children were looking forward to a well-earned day trip out. Stingrays and Piranha class decided to join together for the day to have double the fun.

Our first stop was to the Haomei Sports Center for a nice relaxing yoga session. The children were so quiet as they focused on the instructor teaching them different yoga positions. All the children did a great job at relaxing and stretching ready to continue our day.

The children were excited about our next stop, as it involved food! We arrived at C‘Fine Restaurant and all the children were given chef hats and aprons to wear before handling their food. Each child had their own pizza dough and selection of toppings to design the pizza of their choice to enjoy. Whilst the pizzas were cooking Piranhas and Stingrays played on the trampolines, scooters, and go-carts just outside the restaurant to work up an appetite.

As you can see everyone did a great job with their lunch and it went down very well.

We moved on to the last activity of our day at Gym Fun. The children were very excited when we went in and seen all the colourful equipment and different activities to explore. After sitting and listening to the coaches talk about health and safety and the different types of gymnastics moves they would learn today, the children were split into groups ready to start.

Stingrays and Piranhas were fantastic, they all tried their best and pushed themselves to try new things, even if they were a little scared because of the height or doing a handstand. All the children did us proud by giving it a go!

Piranhas and Stingrays enjoyed a fun packed day, including the teachers. It was a very active day, but the children kept going right till the end.

The bus ride home was significantly quieter!

Swordfish Class Trip (Grade 3)

The Swordfish class were very excited for their trip this year which was to “Taihu Lake Xianting Equestrian Park”.

We were welcomed by the management there mounted on tall, beautiful horses, who walked us into the park. The childrens and staff were divided into three groups with each having a personal guide who had planned a day full of activities. We began our trip with a lovely tour of the park on a chariot.

After having completed the rides, we made our way to feed the horses. Though the children were a little apprehensive at first, they became more and more confident and enjoyed it thoroughly. Showering the horses with a hose was something they did not expect to do, but all had great fun doing so.

Now, it was the activity that all of us were looking forward to which was “Horse-Riding”. There were children who had done horse-riding before and a few of them who had not. It was great to see the students supporting and encouraging each other to enjoy the activity. It was time for lunch where we enjoyed our yummy pizzas, refreshing fruits and drinks. After fully energizing themselves, the pupils tried their hand at archery at which they were amazing.

For the last activity, the management had organized an information session where they spoke about the history of horse riding, what kind of horses are used and trained for different scenarios like in movies, races etc. By the end of the day the class had a great day with all the activities and information on horse riding.

Lobster and Beluga Class Trip (Grade 3)

The Lobster and Beluga classes combined for their class trip and went together to Dinoland in Xinbei. The children – and the teachers – enjoyed a number of different activities. In the morning, the classes were split into two large groups, with one group playing mini golf and the other engaging in a lazer tag battle. After this, everyone was treated to a large lunch consisting of: steak, spaghetti, chicken, coca-cola and more. Next, the two groups once again split off for different activities: one group went trampoling whilst the other went bowling where Mr Jacobs managed to get himself onto the yearly leaderboard with a score of 176! To finish off, and before boarding the busses, the children were permitted some time to buy toys or ice creams in the wider area. Although there were a large number of children involved in the day, the behaviour and attitude of all students was excellent and they represented themselves and the school very well.

Shark Class Fire Station Visit

The Shark class recently attend a local fire station in Wujin to learna all about fire safety and fire prevention. We had an opportunity to see the different fire engines and the Sharks went into the fire engines , although sadly, they didn't drive the fire trucks.

They also tried on the protective clothing for different fire situations. We also toured around the fire museum and learned about all the different dangerous situations firefighters have to combat during their duty.

We watched fire fighters’ training on site such as climbing buildings with ladders and sliding from the second floor to the first floor.

Another thing pupils liked was the fact that they got to climb the ladder of the biggest truck that they had. They also got to play with the water hose there. Pupils really had a lot of fun by using fire fighter’s water hose.

After learning different kinds of fire safety knowledge all pupils got their “Young Fire Fighter” Certificate.