WASCZ Primary Summer School – Week 1

School News July 13, 2021
WASCZ Primary Summer School – Week 1

The 2021 WASCZ Primary Summer School began on Sunday 11th July with 84 boarders being welcomed into school by our summer school staff.

With many current WASCZ pupils joining the summer school this year, they took a lead on welcoming new children to the boarding house and introducing them to the routines and areas around school they would be spending time over the next two to four weeks.

With children coming from as far a field as Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai, this was a fantastic opportunity for children to make new friends, try new activities and most importantly, develop their English skills!

On Sunday, all the boarders were given a welcome induction to boarding life at WASCZ, as well as a school tour.

There were many pupils in boarding living away from home for the first time, however such were the levels of excitement on the first night, there wasn’t any time to miss home!

On the first full day of school on Monday, 20 more day pupils joined the boarders, and all the children were divided into their groups for the week, before a welcome assembly in the theatre led by Mr. Jacobs. The Head of Primary explained how the structure of the day would work, with fun academic lessons in the morning, sports sessions in the afternoon, before an evening activity program for our boarders. Daily and weekly certificates would be given out each morning during assembly rewarding children for trying their best, being kind and helpful to others, speaking English, and having a positive attitude – all extremely important values for staff and children at Wycombe Abbey. The groups with the biggest number of certificates on display at the end of the first two weeks will win a special prize!

Academic lessons included daily English lessons, as well as ICT, Art, Topic, and Geography, all taught in English by our Western teachers, and all children experienced ten different sports through the course of the week, including rugby, basketball, swimming, tennis, football and athletics.

Each day, the children wrote diary entries summarizing what they have been doing in school, which is a great chance to practice their written English, as well as their understanding of verb tenses.

All of the teachers were so impressed by the attitude, behaviour, and general English level and willingness to communicate in English through the course of the first week. We are already looking forward to Week 2!

Next Friday 23rd July, we will be hosting a Parent BBQ after school from 4pm, which will give parents the opportunity to celebrate the summer camp childrens’ achievements. See you then!