Optical Illusions

School News September 17, 2021
Optical Illusions

The week seems to be whizzing by, with the start of a new academic year, getting acquainted with being in a new year group or class and settling into our lessons, we have all been busy bees at Wycombe Abbey. It’s also been the perfect opportunity to get creative and delve into the world of optical illusions.

OP Art is a style that uses repeated geometric lines, shapes and colour to create visual effects including illusions of vibrations, foreground-background confusion, and an exaggerated sense of depth.

Our brain interprets what we see. When the elements of art are manipulated to create a distorted and visually misleading image (one that differs from what we think is true) it creates an OPTICAL ILLUSION.

The Dragonfish class started their first lesson on OP Art last week. We learned that the Abstract Movement began in the late 1950s and we explored different artists and the visual affects this style.

Our aim is to create 3D Paper Cone Drawings. For this assignment, students were given the opportunity to create an optical illusion through the manipulation of line, shape, color, and form to achieve visual movement in your own artwork. During the initial stages, they learned about straight and curved lines and how charcoal shading can add depth and illusion.

While we are focusing now on a black and white image, our next step will be tinting and shading (using complementary colors).