Blue Whales are on the write path!

School News October 14, 2021
Blue Whales are on the write path!

This term in Blue Whale class we are following a scheme of work called ‘Pathway to write’. Pathway to write is built around units of work which develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills. It includes an overview of year group skills from EYFS to Y6, a document to guide the progression and tracking of skills, an overview of reading and spoken language and a progressive guide to genres. Plus, writing opportunities for the application of grammar and punctuation and a long-term curriculum map.

Our first lesson started with the children finding an envelope addressed to Blue Whale class with a pair of deely boppers left in the classroom. We opened the envelope to find a letter and a picture of Timothy Limpet, the children all had a guess of what they thought Timothy might be. The most popular answer was an alien! The letter explained that Timothy had left Blue Whales a story in our class to read and work with. The book is called ‘Troll swap’ and Blue Whales were excited to find out more.

In our next lesson we looked at the front cover of the book without showing the title and focused on the two main characters Timothy Limpet and Tabitha Lumpit. The children then used post it notes to make predictions and share their ideas in front of the class to what they thought the story may be about. The language skills around each table were fantastic and some very funny predictions were made, with the predictions written down in their book, Blue Whales can check if their predictions were correct after hearing the story.

Our third lesson with the book, we looked at Adjectives and what words we could use to describe Timothy. The class worked together with a large picture on the board taking in turns to write an adjective on a post it and stick it onto Timothy. This was a fantastic activity to get the quieter children out their seats and talking in front of the class, which they were more than happy to do. Once we had practiced on the board, Blue Whales worked independently to describe Timothy in their books. There were a lot of great adjectives being used and lots of English language going on.

Blue Whales have been very focused and are enjoying the Pathway to Write lessons, we have had three lessons so far and still haven’t opened the book to hear the story! We all look forward to returning to school to finally read the book and see if any of the children’s predictions were right, we will also be focusing on Nouns and Noun phrases.