Healthy habits in KG2

School News October 20, 2021
Healthy habits in KG2

September has been all about getting to know ourselves and our bodies in KG2. The children have spent the month learning about themselves, their families, their likes, and dislikes and most importantly how to take care of their bodies through healthy eating and good hygiene.

Coral class had a very exciting morning that taught them all about dental hygiene. We started off with a discussion about what good habits are when it comes to brushing our teeth, what we need to brush our teeth and what happens when we don’t brush our teeth.

The children were then given the opportunity to use different colored markers to draw what they ate on a laminated mouth and then show off their brushing skills to their peers to get the ‘dirt’ off.

The main activity was an art-based activity, the children used primary paint colors as toothpaste. The idea was to get messy! The messier, the better! The objective was to use toothbrushes to paint their teeth. Brush too hard and holes appear in the paper. Brush too little and the tooth doesn’t get covered in paint. Just the right amount of brushing resulted in some great color mixing and some well “brushed” teeth. The children had a blast with this activity and were very happy to share their opinions on the way they brushed their teeth.

Finally, we consolidated the topic with event sequencing. The children were given four pictures of various stages of brushing teeth and had to put them back into the correct order. This helped them to reinforce what they had learnt and to practice their cutting skills.

The children were all very enthusiastic about the activities and had a great time completing the various activities. We look forward to more fun practical activities in the future!