Primary Netball Training

School News October 21, 2021
Primary Netball Training

The Under 9 and Under 11 Primary Netball teams came together for their first training sessions of the year in the dome on Saturday.

The Under 9s, working with Miss Bianca, worked on the basics of passing and catching and beginning to learn the rules of the game, and which positions can move into which areas on the court.

The Under 11s, many of whom have years of experience of the game now, having played throughout their time in Primary, worked on their footwork, a key part of the game, with Mrs. Mayell, before ending with intra-squad matches.

With the Under 11 squad heading to Wycombe Abbey Hangzhou on 23rd October for a further training session and controlled matches with their counterparts at WASHZ, the team’s netball education will continue in the weeks ahead.

Regular training on a Saturday morning between now and the Christmas Break will be important for the teams as they head towards the Primary Season, which is due to start in January and run through until the Qing Ming Holidays.

Well done to all involved, and thank you to Miss Bianca and Mrs. Mayell for their support with Primary Netball!