Golden Rules in Primary

School News October 26, 2021
Golden Rules in Primary

Recently, the Piranha class have been discussing the rules in class and school during our Moral Education lessons.

We firstly talked about the positive reasons that we follow the rules: e.g. We are happy to share; We behave ourselves during playtime; We greet teachers and classmates. We help with each other…… We also pointed out the shortcomings of what some students did: e.g. shouting out the answer without raising his hand; not following teachers’ instructions; not staying in the line.

We reviewed our school “golden rules” and learned how to do better in school and class.

Finally, we worked in groups to design the class rule chessboards and had a game of the chess which we can learn from that only by following the rules can we reach the finish line more quickly and only by following our golden rules can we have a better time at school.