Inherit the red gene and be a new master of the times

School News November 02, 2021
Inherit the red gene and be a new master of the times

Look! The red team flag is flying, guiding us forward.

Look! The bright red scarf is full of ideals, carrying our dreams far away!

Look! The solemn call sign is like the bell of dawn, and accompanied the young pioneers to grow.

"We are always ready, we are the successors of communism."

October 13th is the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Youth Pioneer Team. Wycombe Abbey Changzhou School held a grand ceremony-- "Inherit the red gene and be a new master of the times" 2021 freshman ceremony.

After the two little hosts announced the start of the event, the majestic flag song was played, and the upright flag bearer walked towards the stage holding the flag, opening the prelude to the ceremony.

"We are the successors of communism, inheriting the glorious tradition of revolutionary ancestors." All the Young Pioneers followed the command of Teacher Zhao and sang loudly to express their excitement. Today, the Changzhou Weiya Young Pioneers team ushered in a new group of new members. The instructor, Mr. Yan, announced the list of new members for the first grade of 2021.

The sixth grade senior students put on bright red scarves for the new team members and saluted each other. 41 children wore bright red scarves and became glorious young pioneers. At this moment, the long-awaited moment has arrived. They looked at the red scarves flying on their chests, and they were full of pride.

Under the solemn flag, the team members raised their right hands high, clenched fists, and followed the team instructor to take the oath, and the firm oath resounded through the school. The determined oath expresses the students' yearning and love for the organization and the responsibility they shoulder.

Joining the team is a self-challenge and an ideal starting point. On behalf of the freshmen new team member, Wang Xiling gave a speech and was determined to add glory to the Red Scarf team in the future study and life.

On this special day-"October 13", the Young Pioneers team building day, all the Young Pioneers of our school will definitely study hard and give this red scarf the most splendid and solemn connotation through actions. Through practical actions, the students will strive to be good masters in the new era, who will love the motherland, possess ideals, study diligently, pursue progress, have good moral character, build strong physique and be lively and cheerful.