Cooking ECA: Fun, Creativity and Teamwork

School News November 10, 2021
Cooking ECA: Fun, Creativity and Teamwork

As one of the most popular ECAs at Wycombe Abbey School, Changzhou, in cooking ECA this year, we have introduced different methods of cooking. Not just baking, we also tried our hand at making jelly and ice cream.

This ECA aims to develop students’ manual skill, creativity and teamwork. Pupils enjoyed making tarts and jellies especially when they could put their own design on it. As well as learning how to make the delicious food, pupils have also practiced how to describe the cooking progress in English.

By using healthy ingredients, we made Chinese jelly with fruit in, egg tarts with oats and ice cream with milk so far. In the future, pupils will have more and more say in what they can create and we will make more interesting recipes in the coming weeks.