Activity Day

School News November 10, 2021
Activity Day

On Friday 29th October all of KG took part in a Halloween day.

Each teacher prepared a variety of activities for the children to take part in and enjoy. The day started when the children were met at the school gate or bus, with their teachers dressed in Halloween costumes.

An example of some of the fun activities that took place during our Halloween Day:

Our KG1 children enjoyed showing off their costumes to their friends once they entered the classroom and took part in a Halloween dance, which allowed them to be expressive. Then we created their own ghosts using cotton wool. Afterwards, we created their own bat by using clay for the body and then adding handprints with black paint for the wings. In the afternoon the children went on a hunt for their missing sweets. We found clues around kindergarten that helped them find it. To finish the day off, we played ‘Pin the Tail on the Cat’, which they had to do blind folded.

Our KG2 children took part in circle time, where they told their class friends more about their costumes. The children were encouraged to say: “What are you today?” to each of their classmates. We also enjoyed listening to some of our favorite Halloween songs. For our Halloween activity, we made some Jack-o’-lantern baskets for the children to go trick or treating. The children were very excited to go trick or treating. They showed off their costumes to the other classes and received some sweets in their new baskets. The children enjoyed coloring in Halloween pictures and completing activities with a Halloween theme. The children dressed up beautifully and they all received a Halloween participation certificate.

Our KG3 children listened to the story of Winnie the Witch and sang a song about Winnie. The story included Winnie’s cat Wilbur. In the story, Winnie trips over Wilbur due to his camouflage, so she makes him multi-coloured. We talked about the three primary colours, red, blue, and yellow, and experimented by mixing them to make the new colours orange, purple and green. We made a wand by rolling up paper into a cylinder and affixed it with tape. Crepe strips of colour were then added inside to make a colourful wand. When we waved it, we shouted abracadabra! We cut out a cat template to make Wilbur the cat. Using various collage materials, we decorated our cats including, feather, sequins and felt tips. All this work is on display in our classroom.

We hope all the children had a spooktacular day and we look forward to next year.