Come and Have an Online Tour of WASCZ with the Primary Boarders!

School News November 16, 2021
Come and Have an Online Tour of WASCZ with the Primary Boarders!

Hi, I am a primary boarder at WASCZ. I would like to invite you to have an online tour of my boarding life in WASCZ. Before we start our tour, I would like to tell you a secret - all teachers here are my boarding teachers because they are all involved in life in boarding.

Morning: Our day starts with our western teachers and Chinese teachers’ morning greeting when they wake us up in the morning. For me, every morning, I can’t wait to hear from teachers about the weather of that day, because if it is not raining, after breakfast, we will have a play on the field. I love playing football, running, playing games or talking with teachers.

Day Time: After having a good breakfast and the early morning break, we will go to meet our day students. We will carry on our busy and fulfilling school life together. When you read this, you would probably think that’s my day finished? Our day is not really like this, when day students go home, we complete our homework and the children who play musical instruments have a chance to practice their instruments.

Evening: After dinner, teachers who teach us in the morning, actually the same teachers who wake us up early in the morning will bring us to do a series of activities such as swimming, basketball, football, rugby, badminton, art, cooking etc. We have different activities on different days. Moreover, teachers will also read English bedtime stories to us.

Weekend: Sometimes my parents don't have time to take me home for the weekend or sometimes I participate in various sports fixtures with my classmates. In this case, I usually choose to stay at school for the weekend. Every weekend, we will read books in the school library and we will have computer time as well. Teachers will do different activities with us, such as swimming, playing football, playing hockey and badminton. Teachers will also play puzzles and play Lego.

Flexi-boarding: Our teachers have also prepared flexible boarding for some children who are not sure whether they can adapt to the boarding life, as well as children who are curious about life in boarding, which provides a good transition period before pupils join regular weekly boarding.

Most anticipated of the day: I try hard every day to get ticks added to my "tick sheet", I can read English to teachers in the evening, or teachers can read us English stories before bedtime.

Most anticipated of the week: I look forward to “Reward Night” every Thursday and finding out who the Boarder of the Week is on Friday assembly.

Most anticipated of the Year: One of the best events of the year is the Zombie Chase on Halloween eve. Teachers will dress up as "zombies" and hide all over school to "scare" us.We need to work in a team to finish a “task” by finding many clues which are placed at the same place where zombies are hiding. When we finish the task teachers will give us candy as a treat! Trick or treat!

Here we can grow up together and make progress together, we can do many different activities together and to be braver, stronger and more independent.