Primary New Science Labs in Use

School News November 17, 2021
Primary New Science Labs in Use

Wycombe Abbey built science labs in this summer for all primary pupils, which were put into use at the beginning of September. The labs are equipped with common instruments required for science lessons in different grade levels, including various measuring tools, models, specimens, glass instruments, thermometers, special instruments for force and machinery,  etc.  These are stored and kept in categories according to regulations.  Also new tools are arriving with each passing week in order to enrich the science course.

The science labs have been hugely welcomed by our pupils, where interesting experiments, operations as well as practical activities happen every single day. Up until now, we’ve had series of activities regarding senses in senior section of the Primary school, studied the characteristics of air, soil, solid and liquid with plenty of different experiments, learnt to distinguish the chemical change and the physical change, the heredity and variation, the secrets of fossils in senior.

During the experiments, children's curiosity and activeness are fully brought into play. In this way, the development of experimental teaching provides every student with a motivation for scientific inquiry. Students explore according to their own conditions and preferences. In addition, through class-wide discussion and group research, they gradually grow the ability to think, analyze and solve the problems independently. Meanwhile they get to realize more about the importance of cooperating with others.