Dolphin Geographical Explorers

School News November 26, 2021
Dolphin Geographical Explorers

As part of our Topic learning Dolphin Class have been busy ‘Mapping the world!’

As Autumn approaches, we’ve produced artwork based on Cubism that depicts the physical changes occurring in our environment.

We’ve been using positional language to and write instructions to travel to different parts of the school. How many steps do you think we counted to get from our class to the library?

We conducted a travel survey of the different ways children come to school and represented our data through a tally graph and block graph.

To identify the traffic that passes by our school, first we estimated, and then we conducted a transport survey.

We learned to collect and interpret data. This is an important early skill to develop if we are to become innovators of solutions to climate change. Can you guess the most popular vehicle to pass by our school and give reasons why?

We’ve used the globe in our classroom to help us map the different countries we come from. Alongside this, we have been learning how to say ‘hello’ in different languages e.g. “Jambo, Ciao, An-Nyeong!”

Did you know that there are seven continents and we live in Asia which is the largest continent in the world whereas Australasia is the smallest continent?

Our parents engaged in our research project and helped us to deliver PowerPoint presentations to our classmates that explored the human (natural) and physical (manmade) places we visit in Changzhou.

We have had a lot of fun mapping our world; using our geographical knowledge and skills to understand the world around us and learning how the physical and human features in our environment are a part of our daily life and activity.