Chinese Reading at WASCZ Primary

School News November 30, 2021
Chinese Reading at WASCZ Primary

In order to create a good reading atmosphere, Wycombe Abbey School has bought more than 5,000 Chinese books for the pupils. These books have now been distributed to each classroom to combine Chinese culture with English culture.

The students in each class not only represent the characteristics of the class but also express the joy of reading in a variety of ways. After reading the story in the picture book, the junior students used different colorful pens to paint the wonderful Journey to the West story. At the same time, they could vividly communicate the plot of the book with their classmates based on the pictures. The students were very pleased after reading the story, and they adapted the story into a fairy tale play with the help of their teacher. Classmates were eager to try different roles in the fairy tale dramas. They played the roles of the tiger, the fox, the frog and the Monkey King.

The pupils are willing to read the books, draw a picture of the content, and act out the story. The students were immersed in the ocean of books and were influenced by Chinese traditional culture.