SSIS Elementary School Soccer Tournament Report

School News November 30, 2021
SSIS Elementary School Soccer Tournament Report

On a beautiful sunny Saturday in Suzhou, the Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS) hosted their ‘Elementary School Soccer Tournament’. Wycombe Abbey Changzhou were able to enter 5 football squads made up over 50 children in all. Grade 2/3 (U9) entered 2 Teams, Grade 4/5 (U11) entered 2 Teams and we also entered a Girls Team for the very first time.

U11 A Team Report

The U11 “A” Team had trained hard for these fixtures since their last outing to Suzhou in October. The team would play 4 matches over the course of the morning, starting with a match against the hosts, SSIS.

SSIS (A) 0 - 2 WAS (A)

DCSZ (A)  0 - 0 WAS (A)

WAS (A)  1 - 0  BIS (A)

NWKCS (A) 0 – 3 WAS (A)

Mr Philpott’s Player of the Tournament:   A. Cao - for his crucial goalkeeping saves not conceding a single goal over the 4 games!

U11 A Team Squad

A. Cao (GK)

A. Yang (C)

A. Hou (VC)

A. Chen

W. Yu

L. Egervari

A. Gu

B. Zhou

J. Quintuna

R. Shaikh

Coach: Mr Philpott

Girls Team – WASCZ

In the first tournament for the WASCZ Girls Primary Team, our team played 4 games, namely:

  • Dulwich Suzhou vs WASCZ
  • NIS vs WASCZ
  • WASCZ vs Dulwich
  • WASCZ vs NIS

After only 3 training sessions, our girls performed pretty well even scoring 1 goal against Dulwich in the third game.

At first, our team were started the match trying to get used to the new environment and also to the game system.

Many changes were made to give the opportunity to all the players to experience the game and different positions.

An important point to remember is the fact that our team was the youngest one in the tournament. Yet, despite the age difference, WASCZ played bravely and did not give up in any moment.

Parents’ support were also a very good surprise in this tournament! 8 of 10 players had parents around which made this first participation very special to our school and also to our girls. Thank you very much for all the support!

Goal: E. Pan

Best player: E. Pan

Breakthrough player: R. Fang

Coach: C. Nascimento

U11 “B” Team

It was the second tournament for U11 “B” Team. Compared with last time, the team adapted to the game better. The boys were able to work much better, and they coordinated much more like a team.

M. Jiang has great dribbling skills and made good decisions while tackling. He often shows brilliant slides without foul which was delightful to see. He was everywhere on the pitch, and always following the coach’s instructions.

F. Figura had another great tournament. He was a vital player for the team and his strike from the mid-line of the pitch span in the air so much that it confused the opponent team’s goal keeper.

We were not fully focused for first game, with the ball in our half for the whole game. Everything changed in the second game, although good fortune was still not with us, but we were able to threaten the other side’s goalie.

Match results:


WAISCZ 1:2 Dulwich

WAISCZ 0:1 Dulwich

U11 B Team List:

M. Jiang

T. Shen (GK)

F. Figura (C)

O. Zhu

B. Zhou

T. Chen

T. Zeng

T. Zhang

A. Wang

D. Chen

A. Xia

B. Jin

Player of the tournament: M. Jiang

U9 “A” Team

U9 team A played 4 games on Saturday with 1 win and 3 losses.

Best Player: J. Wu

Great performances from: D. Huang and J. de Bos

Sportsmanship award: L. Baglini

Coach: Miss Luan + Mr. DeBos

Under 9 “B” Team

U9 Team B played 3 games on Saturday, and gained some great experience in a competitive matchday environment. However, they were unlucky to come away with three losses.

Player Name

WS. Barry

J. Ma

R. Xing

E. Yu

H. Wen

J. Zhang

H. Huang

K. Shang

Best Player: W. Stevens-Barry