Reading and Writing in Primary

School News December 14, 2021
Reading and Writing in Primary

Reading is one of the most important parts of learning a new language and with our Accelerated Reader program reading has become fun and competitive.

Every week the students partake in a reading quiz online that are tailored to their books and their current level. These quizzes are then monitored by the teachers and if the students get full marks for five quizzes they get a beautiful certificate followed by a book token. When they collect five book tokens, they can exchange the tokens for a brand-new book.

This reward system has really motivated our Grade 2 Turtle class to read more and to improve their comprehension. The Turtles have also used their love for reading to become writers themselves.   We started our writer’s journey by reading a story together but stopping halfway through. Then finishing the story by predicting the ending and writing it down. After predicting the ending to a few stories, we started looking at the structure of a story, like the introduction, the problem, the solution, and the ending.

Then we looked at character profiling be taking a closer look at a character’s personality, situation, and appearance.

When they read their books now, they are encouraged to look for these key elements. By identifying these elements in books, they remember the structure of the story better and when it comes to writing their own stories, they can use this framework to compile creative stories.

These young writers have already produced some amazing stories with interesting plot lines and well-rounded characters. We look forward to seeing these young writers’ books in the library in the future!