Making Predictions in the Walrus Class

School News January 04, 2022
Making Predictions in the Walrus Class

This term in Walrus class we are learning about prediction. Making predictions is a strategy in which the students use information from a text including titles, headings, pictures, and diagrams and their own personal experiences to anticipate what they are about to read or what comes next.

We started by looking at the picture, thinking about a story and guessing what will happen next. The Walruses used pictures from the book, story details and clues plus their own knowledge to make the best prediction about what will happen.

Later the students wrote down the predictions and reasons in their books, using complete sentences and paragraphs. They made sure to use the adjectives and adverbs to describe their predictions using their dictionaries to find correct words and spellings.  

To help us make a prediction, we use clues, or text evidence, to figure out more about story parts. They already know what they have read, and what they have observed in the story pictures. The Walruses put on their thinking hats and embarked on a journey of imagination, it was amazing to see how creative they could be when they created fabulous stories by looking at the pictures. Each child had a totally different story for the picture given.  

Predicting helps keep the reader’s mind engaged and activated as he or she works through a text. When students actively predict while reading, they stay connected to the text and can reflect upon, refine and revise their predictions.

Having students write down their predictions and then reflect, refine, and revise them as they read, is key when it comes to informing us of their understanding of the strategy.  From their written predictions we can see if their predictions are meaningful, relevant, and logical to the story that they are reading.  

We choose a book that provided obvious opportunities for students make predictions. This helped to set students up for success and to train their brains to stop and think about what is going on in the text in order to make logical predictions.