Turtles Debate Deforestation!

School News January 06, 2022
Turtles Debate Deforestation!

This term the children in Turtle class have been learning about the rainforest. They used: atlases, globes and laptops to locate the main tropical rainforests on our Earth; learning the benefit rainforests provide for human survival as well as the threat being posed by deforestation.

The children started by looking at the layers of the rainforest and discovered that it is home to various species of animals like: monkeys, insects, amphibians, snakes, jaguars and birds. They also learnt that even though the rainforest covers only 3.6 percent of the earth surface, it is very important for the survival of mankind on Earth. The rainforest provides medicinal plants that are used to cure diseases like: cancer, promotes biodiversity, help prevent floods, soil erosion and drought. Most importantly, it provides clean air for the whole Earth.

The children's research showed that the Amazon rainforest in particular is under threat of vanishing as a result of deforestation. Deforestation is when densely- populated areas of trees are cut, cleared or removed. This often provides jobs for people in agriculture, or to harvest and use the timber for fuel or manufacturing.

The children also listened to a song about the rainforest, that presented the argument why it is important to protect the rainforest. They were then shown two photos of the Amazon Forest that were taken from the same place, that was taken 30 years apart.

The class were presented with the two sides to debate and wrote down their arguments for and against. Having the information to critically debate, for or against deforestation, children were divided in random order, and after receiving strips of papers containing information to assist them with the debate, they argued their points.  The debate was judged fairly by Mrs Kititi.

This exercise allowed children to directly voice their opinions and concerns and it was great to see children becoming involved in what is the most important global issue of our time: climate change. Even though, children believed deforestation should stop, an empathy was shown as to why groups who are involved in deforestation continue to do so. The children concluded that cutting trees down of trees should be allowed at a moderated rate and that we should encourage planting and growing more trees.