Winter Swimming Gala at WASCZ Primary

School News January 06, 2022
Winter Swimming Gala at WASCZ Primary

This year our swimming pool hosted a very splashy, very noisy and indeed very cheerful Winter Gala!

Students from all grades had the chance to spend an hour playing games and having fun with their friends, while showing the abilities learned during the swimming classes, because the swimming pool isn’t only for laps.

For some grade one students it was their first time in the pool, but they all proved up for the challenge and despite some being scared, they all did their best, well done!

From a race on a water “sledge”, pushing, pulling and taking friends safely to the other side of the pool, and a balloon conquering war, all we could see were smiling faces and hear happy cheering pupils, finishing with a class water jump, hand in hand together.

Before leaving the pool a little present was awaiting all the students, to thank them for the fantastic sportsmanship and great attitude to being in the water. We are looking forward to the next time we can host another fun Swimming gala!