Pottery Fun for Grade 2

School News January 06, 2022
Pottery Fun for Grade 2

On 14th December 2021, Grade 2 pupils ventured off campus to try their hand at pottery making. This well-prepared extracurricular development course aims to help children with their all-round development and give them a chance to try a new activity not common in the day to day classroom.

At first, the pottery teacher introduced the use of tools and emphasized the precautions needed to be taken. Then, they showed the Christmas decorations they made and demonstrated the production process for all children. After getting the clay materials, they started to concentrate on creating, revising and adjusting from time to time, until the pupils were happy with their finished pieces.

All pupils enjoyed the pottery making and were proud of themselves for their finished masterpieces. Their works expressed a great sense of beauty, imagination, as well as creativity. By the end of the morning, the children began to understand basic pottery, establishing handcrafting ability, innovation and collaboration. Overall, a fun morning “playing with clay” on the final week of the Michaelmas term!