Healthy Eating Journey with the Lobster Class

School News January 10, 2022
Healthy Eating Journey with the Lobster Class

Nowadays we have rich range of food from which to choose from day to day. How to eat wisely and healthily is a hot topic we love to share. Lobster Class is no exception! In our Design and Technology lessons, pupils have acquired knowledge of food and showed strong interests in healthy eating. Let’s explore with Lobster Class at Wycombe Abbey.

In our intriguing Design and Technology lesson, Lobsters were introduced to different groups of food, which are vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, meat, and sugars. By effective teamwork, pupils explored what daily food can be included in these groups. They also gained the ability to recognize which food comes from “plants” or “animals”. In the process of these activities, the Lobsters related this practice with their daily diet and generated a holistic picture of the food and drink they consume day to day.

When it comes to how to eat healthily, the Lobsters know now to eat more vegetables and fruit but less meat and grain to achieve a balanced diet (50% vegetables and Fruit + 25% carbohydrates + 25% protein and fats). Mainly because vegetables and fruit are a great source of vitamins and minerals, containing lots of fibre, protecting against cancer and other diseases, maintaining good health.

In our next lesson, the Lobsters were given a list of vegetables to make an interesting veggie plate to encourage people to eat more vegetables. First of all, they learnt the different words for each vegetable in English. Then, they picked their favourite vegetables and drew them on their plate..