Aromatherapy ECA

School News January 17, 2022
Aromatherapy ECA

For our aromatherapy ECA this year, as one of the most interesting and popular ECAs at school, pupils taking part have learned about different kinds of waxes. Those involved had great fun producing amazing pudding candles and fruit tart candles.

This ECA aims to develop pupil’s fine motor manipulations skill, manual skill, creativity, and collaboration. Pupils enjoyed creating their own pudding candles especially they could add their own creative ideas into their creations. Meanwhile, when mastering how to produce awesome candles, students have mastered different waxes’ melting points and applied different melting points waxes to fuse and create new products.

As we known, autumn is a colorful and harvest season but it is very short in Changzhou. Therefore, we carried out an activity called “save autumn”. Pupils looked around school, found and collected different kinds of autumn plants, such as leaves, petals, and seeds that fell on the grass into their bags. Then pupils put those plants into their pudding bottles and designed different shapes. Finally, pupils filled transparent jelly wax into their pudding moulds. After waiting patiently, their puddings were complete!

We hope to have more and more people take part in this fascinating ECA in the future, complete with fantastic smells and encouraging teamwork!