The Benefits of Outside Play

School News January 17, 2022
The Benefits of Outside Play

One of the highlights of the day and one which our pupils enjoy most and always looks forward to is outdoor playtime - popularly called “Outside Play”.

It is a time when our pupils engage in physical activities outside PE, they challenge their muscles, bones and physical endurance, there is enough space to run, walk, jump, swing, catch and throw. There is lots of playground equipment such as a basketball court, pirate ships, balls, swings and slides to play with.   

Apart from all these, children invent their own games which they play amongst each other. It is very interesting to see them exhibit leadership, negotiation as well as creative skills as they set out the format and rules for their own games.

The benefits of “Outside Play’ for pupils have been plain to see. The sheer joy and excitement on the faces of children shows how important a release from the busy school day is for children, with an opportunity to run around in fresh air and socialise amongst their peers being an integral part of their development.

Children improve their social skills, learn how to deal with conflict, take turns, encourage their peers and console unhappy friends. The children who initially were considered as introverts are now more sociable and able to share their thoughts in class.

Pupils at WASCZ always look through the windows of the classroom hoping for a sunny day outside so that they can enjoy their “Outside play”.