Stone Painting in Shark Class

School News February 09, 2022
Stone Painting in Shark Class

This term, the Shark class in Grade 4 have been cultivating their artistic skills, whilst also exploring their school campus, collecting different shapes and sizes of stones to paint.

On choosing their stone, pupils discussed the different shapes of their stones and this guided what design they planned to paint on them. Pupils had an enthusiastic discussion about their stones, ‘My stone looks like a heart.’ ‘Look, is my stone shaped like a drop of water?’ ‘Wow, my stone is so cute, just like a small dumpling.’

After the teachers modelled an example stone to be painted, pupils were guided to create their own designs. They used a brush to dip their favorite colour to paint their stone’s background. After the backgrounds were dry, they outlined the design that they had in mind with a marker pen, then carefully coloured it.

After finishing their designs and paintings, they showed their works to their peers confidently and excitedly. Their interest and enthusiasm was on full display when introducing their stones to their classmates. This stone painting ECA is yet another example of one of the core values of life at WASCZ Primary – “learning through having fun.”