The Three Little Pigs vs. the Wolf

School News February 15, 2022
The Three Little Pigs vs. the Wolf

We all know the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ ...right? It’s the fairytale where the Big Bad Wolf stalks the ‘poor’ three little pigs. In the end, the smart third pig wins the day by outsmarting the ‘Big Bad Wolf’.

But have you ever thought of it, from the Wolf’s point of view? What made him the ‘Big Bad Wolf’? Was he really the bad person that we all think him to be?

As a class, we’ve spent some time deepening our understanding and perspective of one of the most famous fairytales ever told – The Three Little Pigs.

We began by reading the original version of the story a few times in order to have all of the key information and then debated our thoughts and opinions about who we thought was the ‘bad guy’.

Then we read the story version as described by the Wolf. Boy, were we perplexed!

We’d never realized that the Wolf was so badly misunderstood. Some of us, after reflecting on the Wolf’s version of events, changed our stance on who was the ‘bad guy’.

As we shared and debated about who was the true bad guy of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, another group of us realized that… wait a minute…both the Pigs and the Wolf are responsible for their own actions and that they should be held accountable for their role in what had happened.

Once we surmised this, we decided that we need to redo the newspaper reports that had misrepresented the events that occurred in the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

We now have our Newspaper Reporter hats on, and are analyzing the two versions of the story, in order to retrieve the important facts needed for our newspaper reports. Make sure to grab your copy of the newspaper next week, to get the full report!

We hope that the other Newspaper Reporters of the world, will learn from us - that when writing a newspaper report, it is vital to research for the facts and not take things at face value.