Mind Maps in Maths

School News February 15, 2022
Mind Maps in Maths

At the beginning of our new term, the Shark Class created a mind map about everything that had learned during the first half of the year in their Maths lessons.

It's a thinking tool that will help us memorize or review the knowledge that we have learned. We always create a mind map by starting with a topic in the centre, with different sub-categories branching out from this.

Firstly, the Sharks divided the whole book into eight units, litre & millilitre, division, side view, statistics, problems-solving, possibility, mixed operation and perpendicularity as well as parallel.

Secondly, they discussed each student’s tasks. When making the map each student expressed their ideas in their own way, some wrote key words, some gave examples, and some drew shapes and illustrations. They helped each other or asked the teacher for help when they met difficulties.

Finally, the Sharks decorated the map with fireworks ,couplets and some lovely pictures .

Each student took an active part in making the mind map and produced a fantastic final piece of work. Well done to every Shark!