Riddles about Chinese Characters

School News March 01, 2022
Riddles about Chinese Characters

With the earliest examples being inscriptions on bone or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty to the most commonly used regular script nowadays, Chinese characters have existed for thousands of years. Items like sacrifice, wars, farming and weather etc. were recorded in the earliest inscriptions, however the Chinese characters has become even more multifunctional with the development of society, riddles derived from Chinese characters are now playing an important part in our daily lives.

Recently, Grade 5 students have been busy with various types of riddles. Students were asked to figure out the answers by detecting and analyzing the hints hidden between simple short phrases or stories or paintings. They all enjoyed being detectives and could not wait to try riddles one after another.

Grade 5 students are so keen to solve the riddles that they analyzed the way how the creators made it and grouped themselves in 3-4 and made their own. In order to make their riddles more concise as well as to indicate specific character features clearly while not giving away the answers too easily, which are important rules when creating riddles, students put their heads together and revised the way they word the riddles and the components of the paintings several times. 

Students had a wonderful time playing riddles about Chinese characters and they are becoming more familiar with the both the structures and meanings in the characters by figuring out and creating riddles. Not only did they become more aware of the fun of Chinese characters, but also developed their friendship, creativity and self-learning ability in group work.

Below are 6 riddles which is only a small part of what Grade 5 students have created. Come join us and have a go. See the answers at the bottom.

1. 独眼龙。  

2. 刀子嘴。

3. 耳朵舌头左右站。

4. 有人恰似我,有水来灭火,有心轻轻过,有山过陡坡。

5. 画谜

6. 画谜