Graphic Kingdom-- Interesting Tangram

School News March 01, 2022
Graphic Kingdom-- Interesting Tangram

A tangram is a traditional intellectual toy in China. It can be used to make different kinds of pictures. After the tangram spread abroad, many people became interested in it and it became known as "Tang Tu". Recently, our grade two pupils have been enjoying exploring the mystery of the tangram in Maths class.

First of all, the children were shown three interesting pictures made of different shapes. They quickly guessed the scene expressed in the pictures. These interesting pictures were made by using a tangram. The children couldn't wait to make a picture by themselves.

The children observed that the tangram consists of seven figures, including one square, one parallelogram and five triangles. The children first tried to use the graphic combination to make new pictures. Each pupil tried to make different graphics that we already knew. Some chose to use 2 triangles to make a big triangle, some chose to use a square and 2 triangles to make a pentagon, and others used 4 triangles and 1 square to make a rectangle.

After they had finished making familiar pictures, the children couldn’t wait to use their imagination to make all kinds of interesting pictures. The pupils made all kinds of interesting animal shapes. Well done Grade 2!