Just Dance in Primary

School News March 01, 2022
Just Dance in Primary

Physical Education is already one of our most popular subjects in the curriculum at WASCZ. Generally, our Primary pupils enjoy having the opportunity to play different sports and learn different motor skills every day.

Besides running and jumping, pupils in Primary have this year been having a lot of fun and learning through dancing!

Dancing, for all ages in Primary, brings a lots of health, mental and social benefits.

Have you ever thought about the benefits of dancing? There are some great reasons to put on your favorite song on and start dancing right now!

Dacing does not require much in terms of space, equipment or ability. It is a friendly exercise appropriate for people with limited mobility or chronic health issues. It is an easy way to increase your heart rate and burn calories.

Dance can be a fantastic mood booster too. While dancing, your body produces a hormone called doppanine – the hormone responsible for stress release. According to studies, dance can help children (and adults) to decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, boosting self-esteem and body confidence.

Dance can also help children to to improve in their own sport performance. While dancing, a lot of different motor skills are required, as well as fitness and strength. Pupils need focus, body awareness, balance and a lot of coordination to perform the moviments. Jumping, going up and down, moving side to side and using their peripheral vision to avoid hitting their friends. WOW! They are practicng a lot of motor skills and don’t even notice it!

Dancing is not just good for physical health but can help in the academic life of our pupils too. According to studies, shaking their bodies pupils are sending more and more oxygen to their brains – helping to create new connections in long-term memory.

PE Dancing classes in Primary are helping our pupils to be in a better state of mind to learn more during classes.

We can’t wait for our next dance session!