Display Boards in Wycombe Abbey: Giving You Big Wows

School News March 04, 2022
Display Boards in Wycombe Abbey: Giving You Big Wows

When you have a campus walk in Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou, your eyes will be directly glued to those fantastic displays shown in every classroom, corridors and halls in primary. Different types of display boards, which made staff from across Primary, are becoming a vital component of the school environment. Why are the display boards so important in Wycombe Abbey School?

Serving as an Invisible Teaching Aid

Display boards help children’s education by assisting with visual learning; teachers use display boards to showcase images relevant to the lesson subject. According to Education Consultant Dr. Lynell Burmark, we use our short-term memory to process words - this can only retain roughly seven pieces of information. However, images are directly processed by our long-term memory which offers much better retention. This suggests that the use of images assists students in retaining information more accurately over time. In addition, the Visual Teaching Alliance claims that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text; meaning that pupils can grasp a learning situation significantly faster when images are involved. By using either a wall-mounted or freestanding display board as part of lessons, teachers can offer a more in-depth learning experience for their students.

In addition, display boards in school also help to assist children’s learning in more indirect ways, by rounding out a child’s mental and emotional education. Display boards in school that are used to showcase student work help to give purpose and value to their schoolwork, giving pupils positive affirmation that their creativity is appreciated, and that every child’s work matters and every child can excel. In addition, where such displays are used as rewards for exceptional work, they can not only provide encouragement and goals to aim for, but also offer inspiration to other pupils, building a culture of support and learning.

Being Useful Tools to Build A Sense of Community

Schools are a place where it’s important for everyone, both staff and pupils, to feel welcomed and included. One of the best ways to create a friendly atmosphere is to cultivate a sense of community - and one of the easiest ways to do this is through a large display board in a school corridor or thoroughfare.

Various things were displayed on the boards in Primary of Wycombe Abbey School, including details of upcoming events, such as, school news, updates, house gatherings, sports competitions, extracurricular courses, and reading recommendations as well as topic learning expansions, musical performances, prize-winning work, student art exhibitions, boarding family moments and much, much more. By keeping students and staff informed about what’s going on in Wycombe Abbey, the display boards give all a chance to strengthen their ties to the school and our community.