Ongoing Learning in Lockdown

School News April 01, 2022
Ongoing Learning in Lockdown


The children at WASCZ Kindergarten have been enjoying many of the optional learning packs that have been provided by their class teachers. 

As we continue our offline optional learning the children have taken their classroom home!  The teachers have busily prepared fun, engaging and interactive activities for the children to work through with their families.

The work has been differentiated according to the children’s needs and ages.

The children in KG1 have been recognising and matching numbers to 10, developing their fine motor skills and using scissors and matching the correct colours to the planets. The children have also been working on their letter formation skills.

The children in KG2 have been learning how to order objects by weight, using their creative skills to make traffic lights and dinosaur crafts linked to their topic work. The children have also enjoyed finding out fun facts about dinosaurs and some undertook their own continuous provision activities at home.

The children in KG3 have been learning about space and making their own planets, weaving activities in Mandarin and becoming budding artists.  In maths the children have been learning to tell the time to o’clock and in literacy they have been writing sentences and practising their phonics skills.  

During Chinese Curriculum lessons in Sea Horse class the children undertook some optional learning about Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

We have had a great week of optional learning in kindergarten and we look forward to sharing some more pictures and work next week.

Keep safe and we look forward to seeing the children soon.


Our Primary pupils have kept up a fantastic level of engagement in their online lessons, and follow up SeeSaw activities, iXL and LanagueNut quizzes, as well as many children continuing with their daily reading habits and taking book quizzes on the Accelerated Reader website. We would like to thank all those parents at home who have been working hard with their children as we go fully online. 

In order to guarantee the quality and interaction of online classes, we sub-divide the small-sized class into groups. Take 2C Stingray Class as an example, pupils are divided into two groups and have separate timetable for learning. 

A concern for all, for both pupils and teachers, is the amount of screen time our pupils are having through the course of the day and specific breaks have been factored into your child’s timetable to ensure they have sufficient time away from their screens. We certainly encourage regular exercise and healthy food consumption as a means of keeping on top of both our physical and mental health during these times. We offered some advice on how to maintain good mental health in these interesting times we are currently in.

Dojo Points galore have been awarded throughout the school, and We move our weekly assembly online as well to hand out the certificates to well-behaved children. They are excited to find out which house will have contributed the most to their house during this period of online learning. These points will be disclosed once we are all back in regular school.

For our boarders onsite, the children have adapted well their new online learning routines in the boarding houses and school laptops, whilst also enjoying specially run activities by our onsite staff, such as hotpot night and pupil run KTV sessions. These sessions proved extremely popular with a great many pupils attending to unwind after their online lessons.

We even threw a birthday party for J. Jiang! Happy Birthday Jackson! The Houseparent Team have been fantastic in supporting with the Primary Boarders’ program too.


We continue to utilise Microsoft TEAMS for online live lessons and Canvas to structure online courses and arrange resources as the normal school timings, which will be followed with lessons a maximum of 45 minutes.

Boarding pupils will stay in their boarding rooms for online lessons and must leave the floors in scheduled school breaks and at lunchtime to have a break from their devices.

7pm-8pm is no device time and pupils will be expected to be off the boarding floors and doing either Dome, Basketball Court, Indoor Tennis Courts, Rugby Pitch, Music, Library or Art (Art is Sixth Form only) activities.

We’re doing our best to make this lockdown experience the happiest and most fun time our pupils can have. We know that our pupils love being in school because they get to do such a wide-variety of activities.

In school, we have had all our normal sports and PE lessons and we have also had the following activities:

Extra Music Prep

Many of our bands and ensembles are still on school site along with our wonderful team of staff musicians. The practice area has been extremely popular with pupils this week. There have been several occasions when every single music practice room was in use to the delight of all.

Staff versus Pupil Sports fixtures

This was a hard-fought game of seniors versus staff. J. Gu from Turner scored all three goals in a hat-trick for the pupils after harrying the staff defense with his pace and energy. L. Liu (Turner) was inspirational in the mid-field with C. Philpott (Hawking) providing attacking flair. Man of the match for the pupils however was D. Liu (Turner) who put in many great saves. Nothing David could do could stop the goal hungry staff team, however. After early goals from Mr Garfitt and Mr Pattison, Mr. Javier stepped up with a brace of strikes past D. Liu, but none could match the hat-trick of Mr McEleney including a 30 metre dipping volley which would have beaten even the very best of keepers. A staff win 8 goals to 3 in the end, but many positives for the pupil team and their legion of loyal spectators.

Tragedy of Macbeth

Tragedy of Macbeth - Shakespeare came to the Theatre tonight with Joel Cohen’s acclaimed adaptation of the William Shakespeare classic starring Denzel Washington in the eponymous role as the brutal Thane of Cawdor and future King of Scotland. Pupils that chose to watch this classic production missed homework time this Friday but gain so much more from exposure to such brilliant language, powerful cinematography, and world-class acting.

Saturday Sports

Girl’s football training and then a rematch of Staff v. Pupils football, this time with the skillful younger year groups led the pupils to an 8-6 victory with great performances from Aengus Colman (G6 Hawking) and T. Gan (G10 Elgar). Basketball, Table-Tennis, Board Games, Dancing, Badminton, Gym, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Netball and Floorball have all been available

Saturday and Sunday Movies

This week saw Turning Red and Jurassic Park 1.

Sunday Sports House Competitions

Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Football, Badminton, Swimming, Gym and Running.

Sunday Sports

All the regular sporting favourites Rowing, Basketball, Table-Tennis, Board Games, Dancing, Badminton, Gym, Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Netball and Floorball.

The time for pupils to return to school is getting closer and closer. Let's fight the virus hand by hand and cheer for Changzhou. Spring is here, and we’re starting to get excited: Wonderful campus life is right back!