Fitness and Health in Primary

School News May 13, 2022
Fitness and Health in Primary

As we all know, there are many benefits of physical fitness: it can change our mood, help us sleep better and have positive impacts on cognition and creativity. 

Every Thursday the Swordfish class has fitness ECA. After Yoga in the dance studio before, this week they are very excited to go to the school Gym.

At the beginning of the lesson, they learnt about different group of muscles: Upper body, Lower body, Core, Back etc.

Then, pupils learnt about different equipment and how to use them, particularly paying attention to safety during our workout.

They challenged themselves to experience weightlifting with different weights and a variety of facilities under instruction. After trying different equipment, we discuss which group of muscles we were using.

The idea of this ECA is to learn different meanings of fitness and different workouts (Cardio exercises, Strength, Flexibility, high-intensity training, Functional exercises etc.) and also the impact of physical activity to achieve a healthier life.

Hands on learning is something that is very important at WASCZ, and the Swordfish pupils were very active, energetic and enthusiastic, and were delighted to exercise and extend their knowledge.