The importance of Moral Education

School News May 16, 2022
The importance of Moral Education

Education is the core foundation of a person’s life. Learning Math, English, Chinese, Science and other subjects at school is definitely needed. But in WASCZ we also teach values and make sure the children learn about the importance of values and respect in school. That is why our curriculum includes ME (Moral Education) and PSHE (Personal, social, health and economic education).

The students have the chance to have debates, discussions, role plays and creative projects on different topics, such as “Happiness”, “Positive thinking”, “Self-confidence”, “Conflict Resolution techniques”, “Money and financial literacy”, etc. These all and many more are included in the curriculum and drive the children to explore their own self as well as reevaluate things around them.

During the spring term the students of the Shark Class did a fantastic job as they made creative posters of “What is happiness and how to be happy?” and kept a positive diary for a week to make sure they focus on the good things that may seem little but are worthy of being appreciated. These were followed by the comparison of positive and negative thinking with their respective consequences. The students worked in groups reinforcing their teamwork skills and presented their creative posters. Later, they developed a chart stating the reasons why they consider themselves unique which boosted their self-esteem and confidence.

During the lessons on Conflict Resolution and Falling out with friends, the students learnt about the techniques that they can use in their everyday life and applied them during their role plays, based on different tricky scenarios. Moreover, they learnt about the importance of the words they use while communicating with their friends and people surrounding them. For example, they learnt that instead of saying “You have made me angry,” they should say “I feel angry because…”, always mentioning our own self rather than blaming the others. It was truly fascinating to see how well they could deal with challenging situations and lead those to a compromise.

We are moving ahead with new, exciting topics that are especially designed for their age and the level of psychological development meanwhile enriching our English vocabulary and promoting public speech and open-mindedness.