A Big Play is Coming

School News May 23, 2022
A Big Play is Coming

              Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows

On a foggy night, a light boat approached Cao’s camp,

Kong Ming invited Lu Su to drink and have a good time.

The soldiers waved the flags and shouted to entice Cao Cao.

Although there were millions of troops in Cao’s camp,

How could they know Zhuge Liang’s trick?

The arrows flew over the sky,

The boats with fully loaded strawmen returned to the camp.

The Romance of Three Kingdoms is one of the best classical masterpieces in China's history. It is deeply loved by many people and its stories are constantly remade into various films and TV dramas. In our lent term during Chinese lessons, the Grade 5 Puffin Class covered a wonderful chapter of the Romance of Three Kingdoms - Borrowing Your Enemy’s Arrows. In this chapter Zhuge Liang borrows 100,000 arrows from Cao Jun with a clever plan. While Zhou Yu was willing to bow down, he also made the students of the Puffin Class fall in love with his resourcefulness.

M. Xu said, ‘Lu Su is really a double-faced person. While giving advice to Zhou Yu, he was busy with Zhuge Liang.’

L. Fang who plays Zhuge Liang said, ‘I'm so smart. I've already exposed Zhou Yu's plan, that is, I helped Zhou Yu to get the arrows and took the opportunity to humiliate Zhou Yu.’

O. Liao said, ‘Cao Cao is a real traitor, Zhou Yu is narrow-minded, Zhuge Liang is clever, and Lu Su is very kind.’

L. Peng said, ‘Zhuge Liang is so smart. Why doesn't Zhou Yu cooperate with him but instead he wants to get rid of him? I don't understand.’

S. Shan said, ‘In fact, I am truly amazed how Zhuge Liang maneuvered by knowing everyone’s personality so accurately?’

H. Yu said, ‘Zhuge Liang was a genius and he wanted to borrow the arrows. Unlike Zhou Yu, who only wanted to make the arrows.’

C. Gong said, ‘I want to say something to Zhou Yu: since you want to harm Zhuge Liang, why don't you send an assassin to assassinate him directly and not get into so much trouble?’

The students' enthusiasm for classic works deeply infected the teachers. With the help of the class teacher, we translated the story of Borrowing Your Enemy’s Arrows into an English play. We were very excited when we got the English script. One pupil volunteered to act Zhuge Liang; another cheered and said that Cao Cao's role was tailored for him. When talking, he had already stood on the chair and began to simulate the scene on the river; A student said that he would like to challenge himself by taking the most difficult part of the narrator. With a peaceful and friendly negotiation, each student had found a suitable role. Then, the students of Puffin Class began to devote themselves to studying the English script. The students actively used spelling and phonic skills to learn the pronunciation of new words. They practiced the pronunciation and intonation of sentence patterns in the script and rehearsed the whole performance by interactive roleplay. We can’t wait to see the big play from the Puffin Class soon!