The Possibility of Colouring

School News May 24, 2022
The Possibility of Colouring

Colouring is a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and colour recognition. They also learn patience and the importance of perseverance.

By children holding crayons and coloured pencils and choosing particular colours, this will allow them to develop a keen relationship between what their eyes see, what their hands do and how their brain relates to the information. This naturally helps cultivate strong hand eye-coordination.

The turtle class has had a special experience with “Puzzle coloring”.

Firstly, they were each given a piece of paper to randomly colour. Then, they needed to put the pieces together to find out what the final picture will be. No one knew which part they were colouring at the beginning, but they predicted a little by observing, thinking, communicating, and doing a little experiment by putting their pieces together with their friends.

After all their colouring had finished, we cut them and then put them together, it turned out to be…a Tiger! Now we have a new colorful and eye-catching tiger-carpet!

In the end, we also tried to create our own puzzles. We designed with pencils first, then coloured the puzzle, and cut it to play with our friends and families.

Colouring and puzzles can be vital in preparing young children for the more structured work ahead of them. It can encourage imagination and encourage them to try new ideas. The ability to complete a task or project successfully boosts a child’s sense of accomplishment and confidence in themselves.