Second Hand Market

School News May 25, 2022
Second Hand Market

Mathematics comes from life and serves life. In order to make children understand how to apply their Maths knowledge in real-life, Grade 1 recently held a second-hand market for children to practice using money.

Our children have been working hard to recognize Chinese currency - yuan, jiao, fen and learn how to use money. Once they began to start shopping in the market, the pint-sized Grade 1 customers gained more understanding of different kinds of money and the role of money.

This is also an experience they can use in real life the next time they visit a shop with their families.

Children brought items to school they didn’t need anymore but could be used again for transaction, such as books, statonery, toys and handicrafts. There were then different stalls set up selling different products.

The market is open! The children were so excited to choose different items they wanted to buy, paying for the items they chose and calculating the change.

From this activity, our children came to understand that mathematics is very useful in real life. Great job, Grade 1!