Refuse Classification

School News May 31, 2022
Refuse Classification

In our daily lives, there are all kinds of junk. Refuse classification is a very important part in the effective treatment of garbage. April 22nd was the fifty-third “World Earth Day”. The students of Shark class in grade four followed the teacher's footsteps and learned about garbage classification.

Garbage is classified into four categories, and there are also four colours of different dustbins: Blue dustbins are for the recyclable garbage, red dustbins are for harmful garbage, yellow dustbins are for other garbage and green dustbins are for kitchen waste. There is a kitchen waste bin outside each classroom in the primary school -environmental protection is  everywhere.

The students put the collected kitchen waste into the compost bin. The students have cultivated all kinds of vegetables in this organic way. It's great! After understanding the magical function of each kind of dustbin, the students couldn't wait to make their own dustbins. First, the students designed their own garbage patterns first. Some students used red to design harmful garbage, some used green to design a kitchen waste bin, and some used English to write the name of the bin. After that, the students stuck the designed patterns on paper cups and added the garbage covers. Finally, the beautiful garbage bins were completed!

In our future lives, we should protect the environment, throw the garbage into the right dustbin and be an environmental protection expert!