Drama at WASCZ

School News June 07, 2022
Drama at WASCZ

At WAS Changzhou we believe in holistic education and giving every child the opportunity to develop, exploring and developing all his or her talents and skills to the fullest.

That is why we do not focus merely on academics, but also offer a range of extracurricular activities such as drama.

Drama is already part of many children’s natural lives in the form of make-believe play and drama in school has many benefits. It develops confidence in children and teaches good communication skills as well as giving children the opportunity to explore, discuss and deal with difficult issues.

This year, the Seal and Orca classes have had lot of fun activities in drama.  They discovered their acting skills through mime and had to mime different scenarios. They acted out different emotions like anger, sadness, surprise, fear, and excitement by playing the game “The emotional bus”” which had everyone rolling with laughter.

They also developed confidence in public speaking and debated topics like ‘Should students be allowed to wear ordinary clothes in school? This resulted in some very interesting discussions.

They learned more about writing play scripts and had a chance to write and act out part of a traditional fairytale like Red Riding Hood and adapted it by adding their own version.

All students were fully engaged in all activities and displayed excellent teamwork and shared their unique ideas within the group.

The students also had fun with the Charades game and had to act out famous movies, books, and actions.

The natural acting skills of many of the students amazed me and we discovered some great potential actors and actresses!

——Johann Van Deventer