“Money Matters” in Grade 3

School News June 07, 2022
“Money Matters” in Grade 3

This term, Penguin class started the topic of “Money” taught in PSHE. We started the first week through a brainstorming aiming at guessing where money comes from. After concluding that it is made either through employment or business, they played “Guess the job” card game, naming as many professions as they could, meanwhile learning new occupations and enriching their English vocabulary. They then tried to reflect on the ways money can be used, such as daily shopping, utility fees, renting or buying real estate, travelling, education, partying and so on. After this, the students had the task of thinking of the reasons why people go to work. Working in small groups, children observed a given photo and after a few minutes, they found out that besides the money, there can be more reasons to work, including: the sense of achievement or career growth; supporting our families; teamwork; friends: fulfilling life and enjoyment in the work we do,

Later, the students had a discussion trying to identify what skills would be needed, what interests the person would have and what training they might need to find the job that suits him the best. We made a mind map of a “Good employee” by writing down the qualities and skills that would describe a good employee and would be appreciated by employers. This was followed by an assignment to create a job advertisement based on the provided example. The key importance was to understand the difference between the job description and the skills required. It was also mandatory to write down something that would be eye-catching and appealing to candidates. After drafting their job advertisements, each student presented it to the other students. It looked like a role play as the students acted as potential candidates and the “Employer” had to present the advertisement so well that they would wish to work for him/her. They all did brilliant job coming up with creative offers and colourful advertisements.

We continued our exciting journey of financial literacy by learning the types of payments that are currently available to people in almost every country. The students got to know the differences among notes/cash, coins, credit and debit cards as well as online payments. They were thrilled to play games using printed notes (Chinese RMB). To make them more interested in this topic, students designed their own debit cards. adding their full name, their imaginary bank name and some patterns. To make sure they understand the differences of these payment methods, they also had a group activity matching the definition of each payment method with its picture card.

Our financial adventures are getting more interesting and there is still a lot to be discovered. We will soon learn about financial risks, how to borrow money when in need, how to set priorities and how to manage our mental wellbeing when dealing with finances. Acting smart is crucial when it comes to money despite the age!