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It is both a privilege and an honour to introduce myself as the Head of Lower School for WAS Changzhou. Originally from Canada, but more recently Shanghai, I bring over a decade’s teaching and management experience along with a genuine passion for learning with me to my new role here in Changzhou. I am excited not only to be joining WAS professionally, but also as a parent; with my daughter joining the primary school this year upcoming year. I am sure, without any doubts, that we are going to have a wonderous year here at WAS.

Community forms a cornerstone of the WAS experience and is most exemplified through our boarding system, where students can live on site from grade three on. The support and tutelage offered to all WAS students encompass the gamut of childhood development. Our teachers embrace holistic pedagogies, engaging with students academically, athletically, artistically as well as socially. At WAS we know that a happy student is a good student, and we strive to create a culture centered around celebrating the successes within our community, creating happy and safe environment that fosters a love for learning.

During lower school, students are exposed to a wide array of course offerings to introduce as many different areas of learning as possible. In addition to all nationally mandated courses, WAS students receive weekly specialist instruction in areas such as art, music, swimming, and sport; while also receiving English based S.T.E.A.M, and language acquisition-oriented lessons. A broad range of extracurricular activities, such as football, VIP music instruction, yoga, jewelry design, and much more, allow another avenue for the cultivation of interests and skills. The opportunities here at WAS are truly unrivaled.

The success of a WAS education is evidenced by the spectacular results seen in our alumni. With 100% university admission rates, many to top overseas universities, the educational experiences afforded a WAS student set them up to succeed in their lives yet to come. Entry into our primary or kindergarten are but the first steps to forming a robust educational foundation, developing a love for learning, and strong interpersonal skills required for success later in life.

Given the critical importance of these early years, I understand one may have many questions and concerns. Please do not ever hesitate to contact me to discuss anything related to the ensuring the successful development of your child.

Most respectfully,

David Robinson
Head of Primary


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