If at First You Do Not Succeed Try Try Again

School News April 15, 2017

By J. Fan & L.Chen (Y8)

On a warm sunny Saturday morning on the 15th April the WAIS Junior rugby team travelled to Shanghai where we would compete in our first rugby tournament.

We departed at 6.15 am and spent the next three hours in the coach motivating each other so that when we arrived in Shanghai we believed we were there not just there to compete but to be triumphant and win.

Wellington began the first game by kicking the ball to Carl Wang who made a tremendous catch under pressure to secure the ball. Carl ran at speed, colliding with their players as he made his way up the pitch. Carl then threw the ball to John Fan who used his power and strength to move to within eight metres of the line where he was tackled. John was not finished, he was able to make an excellent pass out to William Li who burst over the line to secure our first points. The game continued in this fashion and we scored many points defeating Wellington quite comfortably which made us all feel very proud of what we had achieved as a team.

After a short break we began our second match. This time Glen caught the ball and ran to within six metres of the try line where he was able to feed the ball to William who, with a neat side step, was able to take the ball that extra six metres and score the first try of the game. This game was not quite so easy though as our defence was proving to be a little weak as the opposition over powered us to win by the slimmest of margins, 7 – 6. 

We were disappointed by this result and so during the break we sought to reorganise our team ensuring we had a good blend of attacking and defensive options and most importantly we promised each other that as a team we would work harder than ever. The last game was very close and then with around ten minutes to go William received the ball and ran half the length of the pitch where he was tackled releasing the ball to Sunny Liu who ran into a wall of opposition but there was Leo Chen, with perfect timing, to take the ball from Sunny and score a wonderful try in the corner. Now, with the team full of confidence, John Fan released the ball in mid-tackle to William Liu who rounded a couple of players to score the winning try and secure a victory against a strong Dulwich side.

We had played well and Mr. Rensburg and Mr. Carbutt seemed very pleased with our efforts. This was our first tournament and it was a really good start for us. We know there will be many more difficult games ahead so we will work hard as a team and seek to support each other to ensure we keep getting fitter and stronger.

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